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Services offers the following services.

Search Engine Submission | Web Site Designers

Submit Your Site!
48 Hour Inclusion to AOL, MSN, Overture (formerly GoTo), HotBot,
iWon and Other Inktomi Search Partners.

A listing with the major Search Engines can dramatically increase your website traffic, but it now takes anywhere up-to 6 months for a new URL to be added. To provide a solution, has partnered with the major engines to offer a priority listing service. A priority listing GUARANTEES that your URL is added within 48 hours on most engines (*).

Benefits - Summary
  • Express 48 hour search engine inclusion.
  • Your URL will be refreshed every 48 hours for a 12 month period.
  • Guaranteed inclusion and higher placement on some engines.
  • Comprehensive click-through and keyword reports.
  • Ranking reports to monitor your placement and positioning.
  • Convenient, one step process, to include your pages on the major engines via a single interface.
  • Pay per click service, which is great for websites that are not particularly search engine friendly.
  • With the pay per click service, you can specify the keywords that you wish your site to be found under.

When it comes time to give your site that professional look and you need it to be compatible as well check out to locate a professional designer ready willing and able to help you with your web design.

(*) Inclusion subject to compliance with editorial and content policies. One week lead time required for directory reviews.

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