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Javascript Versions' Browser Compatibility

Javascript is one of most difficutlt challenages facing a web designer. You can see by the table below how different the version of Javascript are.
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Internet Explorer
Browser Version Javascript version ECMA Support
IE 2 No JS support none
IE 3 Javascript 1.0 none
IE 4 Javascript 1.2 ECMA-262-compliant
IE 5 ECMA compliant Javascript 1.3 Full ECMAScript-262
Browser Version Javascript version ECMA Support
Netscape 2 Javascript 1.0 none
Netscape 3 Javascript 1.1 none
Netspace 4

Javascript 1.2 - 1.3, incomplete support

ECMA-262-compliant until version 4.5
Netspace 6 ECMA compliant Javascript 1.4 Full ECMAScript-262
America Online's Embedded Browser
Browser Version Javascript version ECMA Support
AOL 3 No JS support - JS 1.0 none
AOL 4 JS 1.2, popup windows disabled ECMA-262-compliant
AOL 5 ECMA compliant Javascript 1.3 Full ECMAScript-262

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