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How To Use Our Site is the place to find out how to make your web site viewable, usable and informative for the majority of your visitors. We have created the AnyBrowseriii specification that defines what tags you are allowed to use if you want your site to be viewable by the vast majority of Internet users. We provide many valuable to tools to help you test your site for compatibility and usability. Try out our web page viewer.This viewer allows you to see your site in real time as it might be seen by visitors viewing your page. You might be shocked to know how other people are seeing your web pages!

I‘m Shocked! 
Now What?
The most common problem is simply HTML syntax errors. To find these kind of errors try out the HTML Validator. No Error? Then take a look at the frequently asked questions.

If after viewing and checking your web pages you feel that they may need a little help, visit and download the FREE version 4.08 of Netscape which includes a FREE web page creation tool that generates level III compatible pages.

You Really Want to Check
Your Site With Every Possible Browser?

Okay, our viewer is not perfect. You want to "actually" see your site in "both" browsers. Both? Well what about the older versions of "Both"? You mean there are more than two browsers?

Yup, and it gets pretty tricky trying to test them all out. If you must take a stab at it check the browser archive maintained by Adrian Roselli (aardvark) at At last count there were more than 100 browsers on the tested list.

Okay Everything  Looks Good!
Once you‘ve managed to make your site compatible let the world know you didn‘t do it by accident and that it‘s an important idea by adding this button to your page.

Checked For Any Browser Compatibility
Checked For Any Browser Compatibility


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Internet Reputation

If you‘re really interested in supporting old browsers try this site. This site shows these youngsters how we had to surf in the old days. See how your site looks on Netscape 0.9 or IE 2.0.

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