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Here‘s where we find out what a directory is.

What is a Directory?

A directory is really a categorical directory. And there are actually two types of these directories.

Simple Directory

The simplest type of directory allows you to submit your site under a particular category like business and simply adds your site to the directory under business. This type of directory is sometimes called a FFA (Free for All) Directory. And that's pretty much what it ends up to be. Some sites use a bit of software verification before adding your site to the list to make sure it's not a duplicate and to make sure your site actually exists. But that's about as much verification that they do. Many of the so-called FFA's have an extremely low number of lists listed in their directory. They don't reject your submission they simply bump the oldest listing to allow yours to be added. You can see that it won't take long for your site to get bumped. You can join in the rat race of submitting your site to these sites every month, but the overall value of this type of directory is somewhat dubious.

A Monitored Directory

These directories are a little more particular about what gets listed in their directory and a human monitors the content. Usually this type of directory lists your site as it is submitted if they accept you. Try not to boast too much about your site or it will be rejected. Avoid lots of capital letters and over used words.

An Edited Directory

In an edited directory not only do they limit the sites contained in the directory, but they decided what they are going to say about your site. They actually edit or completely rewrite the description of your site. For the persons trying to find valuable information obviously this is the most valuable type of resource. Yahoo used to be an edited directory. Oh yes, Yahoo still has their edited directory, but now they have everything else under the sun including a search engine. Their search engine is powered by a company name Inktomi. Inktomi powers many of the search engines on the Internet.

Directories Vs Search Engines | Search Engines

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Internet Reputation

There are many valuable resources all over the web to help you create your site. We've listed many of them right here in our own resource directory. If you find a good resource don't forget to add it to the directory so others can benefit.

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