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Take a look at how your site looks to the search engines. Some search engines use meta tags to catalog your site. Some search engines use the meta tags to display the listing of your site. Here‘s your chance to see how your site looks to the search engines. If you want search engines to be steered away from your site you can by following the guidelines on the side panel.

If you don‘t like what you see you can use our meta tag generator to change your meta tags.

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Once you‘ve made your site Search Engine Ready you can benefit from it right away by submitting your site to our search engine.

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Attention Webmasters
ALL web pages are available for spidering. If you do not wish for your site to be spidered then it will be necessary to write a robots.txt file for the site. Or you can include meta tags in each page between the <head>... </head> lines:
<meta name="Robots" content="noindex"> To exclude page from being spidered

<meta name="Robots" content="nofollow"> To exclude embedded links from being spidered

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