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About Our Site Viewer

Here is a brief explanation of what our site viewer does and doesn't do.

What it Does
It reads your html and eliminates tags that are not part of the AnyBrowser specification. It then allows you to view this modified page in real time in your existing browser.

It does try to break your site. Web browsers are very forgiving of errors. Even if your pages work in every browser you've tried they can still be incorrect. Fixing your pages will help insure compatibility.

What it Does Not Do
It does not show how your browser will be rendered in various browsers or on different platforms. HTML does not specify how a page will look. There is no HTML rendering specification.

It does not check the syntax of your HTML. You should do this prior to using the site viewer. Use the HTML syntax checker for this.

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There are many valuable resources all over the web to help your create your site. We’ve listed many of them right here in our own resource directory. If find a good resource don't forget to add it to the directory so others can benefit.

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