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To create a compatible site you need tools and resources to help you, we‘ve listed lots of them here on our site.

Resource Directory
There are many valuable resources all over the web to help you create your site. Weíve listed many of them right here in our own resource directory. If you find a good resource donít forget to add it to the directory so others can benefit.

Free Tools
Bring your site to life, improve your web site with these html tools! Featuring web site analysis tools, web site tune ups, web site maintenance tools and more.

Our Tools
We‘ve got some of our own tools to help you create your site.

Screen Size Test
Test out your site in various screen sizes. You want to be sure your visitor can see everything or at least important navigation links.

Meta Tag Creator

If the search engine spiders are not including the information you want about your site you probably want to consider adding description and keyword meta tags to your site. Hereís the tool youíll need to create them.

Cool PERL Code
"This site realizes the benefit of Perl for CGI programming and the benefits of CGI to create compatible web sites."

Site Polish

Once your site has been created you need to make sure it‘s looking good. You also need to make sure it stays up-to-date.

There are important things to consider when designing your site. You want to make your site easy to use as well as compatible.

Our Tools
We‘ve got some of our own tools to help you check things out as you go. You want to make sure your site is compatible with any browser.

This tool gives you the chance to actually view your site as others may see it. Seeing your site through your viewerís eyes you can make your site more viewable and usable. You can also view your site for text compatibility and see your alt tags.

HTML Validation
Check the validity and compatibility of your html. This is an important part to your browser compatibility check because most browsers will display poorly formed HTML, however error handling is where the biggest browser differences are.

Link Check
Make sure your site is offering valid and current information. Eliminate dead links. This tool lets you check your pages to eliminate dead links.


If you want to increase your site’s traffic and get a lot of visitors to browse your site then you‘ll surely want to submit your site to the search engines and directories. There are important differences that you should know about.

Search Engines
Search engines will automatically list your site once itís been submitted. Make sure your site is ready before you submit it.

Directories are somewhat like a search engine except the process is done by live editors and not by software programs. Like our own directory, these sites review your site once itís been submitted and includes it if itís appropriate for the directory.

Directories Vs Search Engines
Find out the importance differences between search engines and directories. Find out which type of site you should be concentrating your efforts on.

Search Engine Readiness
Visitors are the most important part of your site. Whether you want the world to see your site or just a select group of people you still need to tell the search engines what to do when they get to your site.

Our Tools
We’ve got our own tool that lets you see your site like a search engine might.

Engine View
See how your site might get listed by search engine spiders.
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